Careers at Gallico

Join us and develop not only customer but also our interesting projects!

Open positions
We are interested in progressive and technically challenging applications. Cryptocurrencies, visualization, data processing, API, social networks.
That’s why our developers have not only a generous income but also a direct share in the projects they are involved in.
We are looking for business partners to handle the projects, not employees.
We don’t want to be limited by nonsense restrictions or rules. We are 100% free in what we do.
We offer you a better financial reward compared to the offers for developers – employees.
What you can expect at Gallico
  • Innovations and inventing new things.
  • Freedom, flexibility and remote working. We are all in. We do our job remotely and it works perfectly. Time to time we meet at the coworking center where we organize workshops and innovate our products.
  • We are using modern technologies (JS, React, Redux, Node, Typescript).
  • Although all of us work remotely, we’ve perfectly set up our processes. We’ve adjusted agile methods for our needs.
Open positions
Node.js developer - Remotely
React.js developer - Remotely