App development

Our priority is to develop not only applications, but solutions which have an important added value for your business. Try our apps or join us in developing something special with help of proven phases!

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Research and planning
Everything starts with your idea. In this phase we collect needed info about your project and set up its goals.
  • Collecting of requirements
  • MVP definition
  • Agile development process
  • Creation of project scope
We create complex web and mobile applications with help of the newest technologies.
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Node
  • React.js
  • TypeScript
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Rest API
Each application is carefully tested before its releasing.
  • Quality first
  • Manual and automatic testing
  • Standard part of the development process
Successful start of your application.
Number one of the social marketing
Socialbakers is the trusted social media management partner to thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs. Leveraging the largest social media data-set in the industry, Socialbakers’ social media marketing platform helps brands large and small ensure their investment in social media is delivering measurable business outcomes. With over 2,500 clients across 100 countries, Socialbakers is the leading social media management platform.
    What we’ve managed during our collaboration:
  • To work with the platform that monitors millions of profiles every day
  • To analyze more than 1000 social profiles
  • To count metrics and posts, to index, to compare, to evaluate
  • To visualize the specific requirements of our key clients
  • To work with and use technologies e.g.: Node.js, React.js, Redux, D3JS, Highcharts, REST API
Regarding technical aspects REST API system is the basis for communication and reaching data from endpoints for social networks. Node.js backend processes and calculates reached data, sometimes sources of the third parties are involved as well. Data are visualized by React.js frontend and Redux with assistance of technologies such as D3JS or Highcharts.js.
References from our clients